Types of CCL Supports

Residential Program

CCL is committed to offering residential services that are person-centered and that promote individualized programs and supports—based on each individual's desired personal outcomes.

Our residential program starts with the person—and customizes a home and supports based upon his or her preferences. An individual chooses the type of home, the area and the people with whom he or she wishes to live.


  • recognizes that everyone has a different vision for his or her home

  • offers a variety of community living options and flexible supports

  • respects personal choice and self reliance

  • supports friendships and involvement in community activities

Day Supports Program

Day Support focuses on participation in the community. Each person's program is developed around his or her personal preferences and desires.

CCL operates a small scale, center based, community oriented day program in Dover, DE. Day support programs are planned for other counties in the future.

CCL's Day Supports

  • recognize that everyone has different expectations for his or her day

  • offer a variety of program options

  • empower each person by providing experiences that enhance his or her ability to make good life choices

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